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Amberley Working Museum:

American Precision Museum:

Antique Powerland:

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Lathe - Everything to do with lathes, millers, shaper:

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Steam Power

Bailey Steam Engineering Design:

Bancroft Mill Engine:

Birmingham Science Museum:

Chestnut Hill Waterworks:

Crossness Pumping Station:

Forncett Industrial Steam Museum:

Grane Manufacturing Mill Engine:

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology:

Iron Horse:

Kempton Great Engine Trust:

Kew Bridge Steam Museum:

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry:

Museum of the Great Lakes:

 Papplewick Pumping Station:

Pioneer Acres:

Ryhope Engines Museum:

Steam Powered Wood Box Factory:

Steam Up - the Rally Site on the Web:

Surviving World Steam:

Sutherland Steam Mill Museum:

Tees Cottage Pumping Station:

Tod Engine Foundation:


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Henry Ford Museum:

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Saanich Historical Artifacts Society:

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