The Forge

The Workshops at the Canadian Museum of Making


In an institution founded to explore the nature of creative problem solving and the transition of an idea; to an object, it is imperative to have a space where this process may still take place.


The workshops and forge serve several functions:


In the forge we work to maintain and improve the museum space by making architectural and structural ironwork for the museum itself.  Where necessary we are also able to make new parts for restorations in exactly the same way they were originally. By doing this on site we are able to demonstrate how some of the tools in the collection are used in a working context and we create opportunities to preserve and share the technical knowledge gained by the daily exposure to metal working processes of all types.


In addition to our focus on forging; the wood shop, mechanics shop, and machine shop allow us to make almost any new project or take an acquisition apart and restore it. By trying to keep our work to a very high standard we pay homage to a time when art and engineering worked side by side and beauty was considered an essential part of every man-made object.


We work to communicate this concept in demonstrations given to visiting university or technical students. The workshop also serves as a resource to artists and craftsmen in the Calgary and Bow River valley area.